Desert Drawing Club offers regular bi-monthly drawing sessions in outdoor locations near Joshua Tree, California. The scheduled meetings include day trip hikes, nature walks, and scouting for unique drawing destinations in the high desert. The club maintains a semester schedule for the Fall and Spring, and occasional special event programming. Desert Drawing Club seeks to use the medium of drawing to experience the desert landscape, explore the plant-life, textures, structures, and essential spaces surrounding Joshua Tree. The sessions are designed for everyone, and are encouraged for beginners, as well as artists that posses extensive experience. For Club Members that are interested, the sessions may include individual instruction and critique, demonstrations, as well as group discussion. Each session is devised to both, foster community amongst the group, as well as promote a personal investigation of nature and the drawing process. Experimentation is welcomed and an examination of non-traditional drawing approaches are championed. Each semester is four months and generally the sessions are held twice a month. All sessions are supported by suggested donations for each session or for an entire semester. Desert Drawing Club aims to survey the remarkable and vital nature within the Morongo Basin, and to advance an inquiry for contemporary drawing practice.

Desert Drawing Club is partnering with Joshua Tree National Park’s Desert Institute to offer Desert Drawing Club Camp. Field classes will be scheduled as a two-day camping trip within the park at Lost Horse Campground. Additional information is available and registration for these dates are required through the Desert Institute website.

Please donate if you are interested in Desert Drawing Club.  We are strictly non-profit and contribution helps toward the continuation of our program. Please click the donate button below to help.